BACKTOBACK Sounds 073 - Funkytino

Big shoutout to London based DJ Funkytino who brings his minimal house and garage bassline to the March BACKTOBACK Sounds edition. After hearing one of his tracks in Hackney we couldn't resist asking him to join the podcast.

We hope you enjoy the hour long mix and Q&A.

BACKTOBACK Sounds 073 - Funkytino

Q1: What style of mix have you gone for and name your favourite part?I've gone for a variety of flavours more on the stripped back side of Minimal House and UKG as these are the genres I always tend to lean to.
I'd say the middle of the mix hits the spot for me... big basslines and a sprinkle of soulful female vocals.
Q2: Name 3 DJs who are inspiring your sound?I would say Madvilla, DeMarzo, and Burnski are my favourite DJs as they all bring something a bit different and have their own unique sounds.
The weird and wobbly samples they use and the constant movement in their tracks is used so cleverly, which makes it so addictive to listen to.Q3: What were your highlight events last year?Getting a couple unreleased tracks played at Printworks was big highlight for me. There's no better feeling than having DJs who inspire you playing your music in them monster venues and seeing a positive reaction on the dancefloor!
Playing up in Leeds and Birmingham was also great as it was the first time for me playing up North.
Lastly, starting my own label was a big step as its enabled me to showcase my sounds freely as well as other upcoming artists that have caught my eye.
Q4: Do you have any 2022 goals that you are happy to share?Getting signed to my favourite labels is always a goal for me each year, one of which has been ticked off for Q1 this year I'm happy to say... more news on this will to follow very soon so keep an eye out.
Q5: Lastly, what makes the perfect B2B?
I think when the DJs compliment each other's sounds then it always helps, but sometimes a bit of variety in what each of them plays can also be key.
The most important thing when it comes down to it really is the energy the DJs bring when they play together... nothing better than seeing them bounce off each other's energy and interacting with the crowd!





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