Grounded 058 with Jamback

Since the pandemic hit, many DJs have had to turn their attention away from the decks and pick up other work. We caught up with Netherlands-based DJ, Jamback who tells us about his time working for Airtime Records, and how he is looking forward to spending more time in the studio and behind the decks. This week he showcases what the Dutch do best, minimal beats and banging vocals!

"I think the sound of my own productions are not similar to any it's just me doing my thing."

- Jamback

What style of mix have you recorded for today?
I went for a minimal vibe with high energy that’s good for the dance floor, groovy drums with some musical elements and filthy basslines are what I like at the moment.

What DJs have inspired your sound?
The DJs that I have listened a lot to are Sidney Charles, Rossi, DJOKO, and Stussy to name a few. I also really like the stuff of James Saunders. But I think the sound of my own productions are not similar to any it's just me doing my thing :)


What’s your favourite part of the mix?
There are a few unreleased tracks in the mix that will come out on Airtime Records which I really like. I’m working as an A&R for the label since this year. Also, a few unreleased tracks of myself are hidden inside the mix!


How has the pandemic affected you?
It got me working 40 hours a week again in a normal job and that affected my time being in the studio. I hope this pandemic will end soon so I can have more gigs and have a spare day to spend more time in the studio working on new music.


Has your style of music/sound changed during the lockdown?
Not really, but I made a few tracks that are less dancefloor orientated.


What do you think clubbing will look like in 2021?
I hope that nothing will change and all will go back to normal.


What’s your top tip for surviving lockdown?
Haha, I have to say that I'm happy with my girlfriend especially in these times cause we keep each other good company!


Do you have any 2021 goals you are happy to share?
Yeah, I'm really happy about a few tracks that I made last month which I'm planning to release on a big label in 2022, also working for Airtime Records has been really fun and I'm looking forward to future events and releases this year.