Grounded 065 with Job De Jong

We are excited to announce Job de Jong is joining our Grounded series this week. Job is 21 years old, born and raised in Leiderdorp and now based in Leiden, the Netherlands. He is known for his warm and groovy feel, always dancefloor orientated and known for his uplifting sounds. Read our Q&A below to hear about his thought on clubbing in 2021, music inspiration, lockdown survival tips and more.

"Honestly my inspiration was very low for a long time, but now the party’s are coming back my mind turned and I am inspirited again."

- Job De Jong

What style of mix have you gone for?

What I like to do in my mixes is to combine old house with the new one’s. You’ll find classics and new tracks from the artists I like the most at the moment and some new unreleased from myself.


What DJs have inspired your sound?
Artists that I like the most at the moment are Anil Aras, ANOTR, Inland Knights, Toman, Archie Hamilton and Franky Rizardo.


What is your favourite part of the mix?
At 44;00 is playing my new track Initiate, it will be released on a EP in August, very excited for this one ;)


How has the pandemic affected you?
Honestly my inspiration was very low for a long time, but now the party’s are coming back my mind turned and I am inspirited again.


Also there did come nice tracks out of it and I can’t wait to play them out.

Has you style of music/sound changed during lockdown?
I have spend a lot of time finding my sound or the music what I love making the most and used the lockdown to improve myself and learn more, so yes I think it changed me and discovered what I like the most and what gives me the most energy.
What do you think clubbing will look like 2021?
I hope it will be normal and I have good hopes ;) It looks like everything is getting back to normal and I think everyone can’t wait to have a proper party.
What’s your top tip of surviving lockdown?
For me it was going to the studio every day and have some walks outside, see my friends and have something to wake up for everyday, for me that was going to the studio.
Do you have any 2021 goals you are happy to share?
I have got an 3 track EP in august where I’m very excited for and some other releases, also my schedule is looking good for the festival season so I can’t wait!