Grounded 066 with Yogi P

Now residing in Cardiff, Wales, Yogi P has stormed into the music scene with his deep house sounds, releasing music worldwide in almost every continent in his first year. But that's not all there is to the Hereford born DJ - teaching yoga for over five years, he learnt his mindful Hatha practice in the depths of India, South Goa. Since, he has applied these important principles of being and self-awareness to help develop himself as an artist, person and teacher.


Yogi P's second year in the music industry has seen him sign to some top labels, including Rawsome Deep, Overdose Deep and exciting upcoming labels, such as Rich Got Jacked, LuvRhythm, Metafloor, Orange Records, Trove, Selecta & Surge Records. Plus, features on BBC Radio One and Music featuring on BBC Radio One and joining a new wave of artists with support from the likes of Djoko, Jamie Jones, Sam Divine, Toman, Dimmish, Mehlor, Seb Zito, Solomun, GRECO (NYC) Jizz, Artmann & many more shows Yogi P is just getting started. Having now launched his collective label, PUSH, in February 2021, it's set to feature some of the globe's best upcoming artists in the deep minimal house spectrum, already charting with each release!

"Music, movement and breath are what brings us closer to who we really are and connects us to our inner self, gaining control over our emotions, reactions and ultimately, our lives."

- Yogi P

What style of mix have you gone for?
Light, steady funky tones at the start which then expand into more rolling atmospheric uplifting tracks as we go deeper into the mix. Full of jazzy funky minimal deep house.

What DJs have inspired your sound?
DJOKO, Chris Stussy, Prunk, M- High.


What is your favourite part of the mix?
Just after 18 minutes in when it starts to pick the energy up!


How has the pandemic affected you?
Due to being an artist who is just breaking out into the scene, I lost a lot of opportunities and finances… Being a yoga teacher who always had the time to practice my productions before Covid but not make much money… this wasn’t factored in when it came down to government support. So the change for me was massive in not having these gigs go ahead.

Also I co founded a festival in the UK called “Into The Woods” Festival in Herefordshire and so it has had its challenges to ensure it runs at the end of July, with our government extending our lifting of restrictions, it makes things difficult when we want our good friends in the Netherlands to come over and play for us such as Artmann, Jesse Jacob, Jamback. There's only so much music I can make before I realise the inspiration will come at these events and interactions with the amazing people that attend them.


What’s your top tip of surviving lockdown?
Keep focussed on things you can change, not what you cannot… Music production has been my saviour, pouring emotions into projects and refining my skills experimenting everyday. That alongside a grounding yoga practice to keep the balance of the mind and body too.


If you could teach our planet just one concept, what would it be?
Compassion, empathy and a deep understanding of what it is like to be in another persons shoes. That and the respect of our earth and oceans over financial gain. WE MUST LOOK AFTER EACH OTHER AND THE EARTH/ OCEANS!


Do you have any 2021 goals you are happy to share?
To keep on making music for myself, staying true to what feels right and if there’s labels out there digging my vibe then that’s a real great thing :)
And last but certainly not least, what makes the perfect B2B?
Perfect B2B must consist of chemistry, style and character!