Grounded with WYTE [070 mix]

We are back featuring South East London DJ, WYTE. His hour long mix, brings back old school vibes with a 90s influence. New found owner of music label La Casa, this is just the beginning for the 19 year old.


"If I could teach the humanity one concept, it would be to put the phones down and enjoy the moment in the party."


What style of mix have you gone for?

For this mix I have gone for a more 90’s and vibrant vibe as I feel I am finding a new unique style in music.


What DJs inspire your sound?
The DJs that inspire my sound would to be Kerri Chandler, I highly admire the impact he had on house music. The 2nd DJ that inspires me would have to be the Dutchman Julian Anthony, he is bringing that 90s sound back to the present. The final DJ that inspires me is DJOKO as his sound the very unique and he is able to create lots of different types of music.


What’s your favourite track of the mix (state the minute)?

My favourite track of the mix has to be the classic banger at 33 minutes in. Helium – Try Me, one of my favourite tunes ever I am sure a few can agree.


How has the pandemic affected you?

Other than put on a few pounds I have been able to concentrate more on music and adapt to my own sound. I also began collecting vinyl’s which I am now in love with.


What’s your top tip for surviving lockdown?

My top tip to surviving lockdown would be find a new hobby or focus on something that you have a passion for, even though lockdown was horrible for everyone including myself, it gave us a lot more time to our hands and if you put that time into good use then you can become a better person out of it.


If you could teach humanity one concept, what would it be?

If I could teach the humanity one concept, it would be to put the phones down and enjoy the moment in the party.


Do you have any 2021 goals you are happy to share?

My 2021 goals I have achieved is to finally start learn production, enhancing my vinyl collection. I have recently launched a new brand called “La Casa” La Casa is Spanish for “The House” My brand is all making the party for the people, we have lots of stuff planned for it ETC: Releases, Guest Mixes and Immaculate parties.


And last but certainly not least, what makes the perfect B2B?

What makes the perfect B2B I would say is the 2 DJs being able to adapt to each other’s styles to create prime moments on the dancefloor!




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