Mark Archer has been in the music game for a long time - producing music and releasing records since 1988! He is the man behind the original face mask, co-founding Altern 8 and Nexus 21, both acid house groups that changed the shape of the music scene. Also known as the 'acid house hero', Mark is famous for his heavy bass lines and loud electronic tracks, transporting us back to the early 90s. We were lucky enough to meet Mark Archer in Birmingham a few years ago when he was headlining an Acid Experiment Party at Lab11 and today we are buzzing to welcome him to our GROUNDED series with a mix that might surprise you!

What style of mix have you gone for?

It’s an 80’s soul, funk, electro and boogie mix. This was the music that was about when I first started to go out to clubs that I was really into, so it hold a lot of special memories for me.

What other DJs have inspired your sound over the years?

A lot of the dj’s I’ve gone to see play have inspired me as you’d hear them play tracks and instantly go and buy them, but I think the most influential dj's (four really) were Neil Macey who played at a small club in Burntwood and was A&R at Network records. Then Astrix & Space, they really shaped my musical taste around 89-91. And later it was Danny Taurus who I recorded as Slo Moshun with and ran Dansa Records.

What’s your favourite part of the mix?

All of it - haha.

Has your sound/style of music changed during lockdown?

My music style hasn’t changed during lockdown at all, as I play a lot of older music all the streams I’ve done have been really what I’m known for.

What do you think clubbing will look like in 2021?

That same as 2020. But I hope it does start back up, even if it’s baby steps - we just need some sort of path back to how it was.

What’s your top tip for surviving lockdown?

Don’t think about it (easier said than done) I’ve tried not to look at posts of old gigs are where I was playing otherwise it would make it more difficult.

Do you have any 2021 goals you are happy to share?

It’s always a goal just to still be part of the scene, I’m very grateful for still being here 33 years on from when I started, so just being a part of it again when it all starts up is enough for me.