Manchester based DJ joins the GROUNDED line up today with a heavier mix to kick start the week right! We caught up with Alex to find out who some of his top dj influences are, coping with lockdown and his exciting path to producing...

What style of mix have you gone for? Although I usually mix tech house, I chose to record a techno mix for this weeks mix series! This allowed me to really focus on the darker, heavier underground sounds which I love yet don’t normally showcase. What dj's have inspired your sound? I’ve definitely taken inspiration from the likes of Alan Fitzpatrick, Amelie Lens and Charlotte De Witte for this mix, giving it that heavy acid sound for the majority of the mix.

What’s your favourite part of the mix? My favourite part of the mix has to be where I double drop “New York to Amsterdam” with “DT64”. “New York to Amsterdam” is one of my all time favourite tunes and being able to give it that acid twist with “DT64” really sounds great!

How has the pandemic affected you? The pandemic has been hard adjusting to a new way of life and I miss going out to events and raves but that will come again hopefully soon. I only really started djing during the pandemic, this has allowed me to practice and hone in on my skills which should put me in a good position to finally play live once the pandemic is over.

Has your style of music/sound changed during lockdown? Lockdown has given me a lot more free time to look for new music and new genres which I have never really explored, I’ve found this so much fun, it’s great to shake up what I mix all the time, it keeps it exciting. What do you think clubbing will look like in 2021? It definitely won’t be the same as what it was before but I do think everyone will not really care because they’ll just be appreciative of not being stuck inside all the time. I can’t wait for that first night back, it’s going to be mental.

What’s your top tip for surviving lockdown? Try to get outside as much as possible and keep healthy also it helps if you don’t watch borris’ announcements because I don’t know about you but I’m sick of the crap he comes out with!

Do you have any 2021 goals you are happy to share? I’m currently starting to learn to produce my own music so I would love to be able to get stuck into that properly and definitely above all I’d love to start playing live shows in any shape or form.