Netherlands based duo Genetika made up of siblings Kirsten and Kasper, join our mix series this week. Raised by a voice coach and orchestral conductor, it was only natural that they would fall into a career in music. Their move to London sparked their interest in minimal and tech-house and have since played at some of the capital's biggest clubs, including Fabric, Egg and XOYO.

Firstly, tell us how it working together as brother & sister?

Most of the time it works really well as we're so attuned to each other, sometimes we do have our creative differences but we always manage to meet somewhere in the middle!

What style of mix have you gone for?

We usually try to blend our favourite new bits by up and coming new artists, with some of our own tunes and old favourites of ours. We are loving the current Minimal/Deep Tech wave at the moment which is what we’re focusing on in our mixes and production.

What DJs have inspired your sound?

Being from The Netherlands originally ourselves we draw a lot of inspiration from the Minimal/Deep Tech scene over there, with artists like M-High, Chris Stussy and Toman. But German superpowers DJOKO and Sidney Charles will also always be an inspiration to us.

What’s your favourite part of the mix?

The first track is an unreleased one of ours that we signed to a very exciting label which is run by people we are big fans of, so to release on their label means a lot to us.

How has the pandemic affected you both?

On the one hand it has actually been quite good for us both as we've had a lot of time to focus on building Genetika from when we first headed back home to quarantine. On the other hand it has obviously been very challenging for everyone, mentally and physically. We both try to stay active and fill our days with challenges rather than succumb to the rough patch we're currently going through. We're both very lucky to have a lot of people around us that have made surviving the pandemic that much easier.

Has your style of music/ sound changed during lockdown?

We have had a lot of time to make music and develop our sound during lockdown and we are still exploring our sound daily. We are always trying to find the right groove in our tracks, which recently has led to producing with a more ‘less is more’ approach.

What do you think clubbing will look like in 2021?

We think part of it, at least for a while, will still have to be distanced in some way, or have clubs run at less capacity. However, if the numbers go down properly now, we think this summer onwards we should be able to dance together again!

What’s your top tip for surviving lockdown?

Kasper: Keep yourself busy and make sure to reach out to people around you when you’re not feeling 100%. We are all in this together so we have to pull each other through. Soon we will all be on a dance floor together again!

Kirsten: stick to a routine if you can, or at least parts of it - for example, I really enjoy making myself the same breakfast every day and doing at least an hour of yoga a day. fill the rest of the day with part productivity, part relaxation

Do you have any 2021 goals you are happy to share?

Kasper: If at all possible I would love to get our first booking abroad!

Kirsten: when possible again I would love to play a festival! and some more vinyl releases would be sweet. A longer term goal of both of us is being sponsored by brands as well.






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