Having played at the biggest clubs in his hometown of Nottingham and all over the UK, as well as opening for some of the biggest DJs, Danny Fry is no stranger to the music game. Welcoming him to our mix series has not only got us buzzing, but has created a sense of nostalgia for Danny himself, as he mentioned "this mix has got me with all the feels!" Reminiscing back at all his old music downloaded from 2013 all the way through to 2019 provokes happy & sad feelings and can't help reflect on what a vibe 2013-2016 was for him! We dig even deeper this week with Danny, from music inspiration, to surviving lockdown we cover it all. Read on to find out more...

What style of mix have you gone for?

This mix was inspired by my residency down at The Brickworks in Nottingham. The style is representational of the types of sounds and warmups I did there. I also played a few graveyard sets, so I tried to tie in both the warmup and peak time aspects of the residency. I spent a lot of time listening through all my old history on Rekordbox to find the records which really sum up the atmosphere of those sets.

What DJs have inspired your sound?

Quite a tough question this, as DJs haven’t really inspired my sound as such, more my style / technique I would say. James Zabiela is a huge influence on me from a DJing perspective. Erol Alkan, Craig Richards are also big influences due to their outstanding residencies held at Fabric and Trash.

What’s your favourite part of the mix?

I always enjoy the beginning of mixes, as I like to hear how artists set the scene. With this mix being a homage to all my personal memories of the residency, it was quite hard to plan something I would typically play. Personally, the first half of this mix sits with me on a deeply personal level as the warmups were at times magical. Playing before Seth Troxler, Âme, Dusky, Jamie Jones, Maya Jane Coles, Bonobo etc is something I’ll never forget.

How has the pandemic affected you?

In lots of ways – but musically I feel I have the spark back for music and DJing. It became a task getting prepared for some of the gigs and I think that was because I lost a bit of the love for the underground music scene. There was a commercial element which I felt was ripping the heart out of the residency as the line-ups were becoming more of what’s popular than what’s right for the ethos of the club.

Has your style of music/sound changed during lockdown?

I wouldn’t say changed. I feel the break has allowed me to reflect on the residency and the sets I played, which in turn has made me feel more open and accepting of broader music styles which I’m certainly going to try involve in any future DJing I do (hopefully)!

What do you think clubbing will look like in 2021?

Probably what clubbing looked like 20 years ago! Hopefully the sparkle and ethos of ‘all about the music’ will be back and the days of the superstar DJ are over.

What’s your top tip for surviving lockdown?

Don’t have children.

Do you have any 2021 goals you are happy to share?

Musically? My goals are to get two releases completed for some local labels and play a lot of free gigs. I’d like to support the community; I just want to DJ so please feel free to book me for a pint of lager and a packet of crisps.






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