For those who aren’t familiar with you, tell us a little bit about yourself...

I am originally from Mansfield, Nottinghamshire but currently a student in Sheffield; going into my 4th year here now. I founded and run the brand Hotwire, an event turned record label, we specialise in free downloads of music across minimal, micro-house and tech house.

What style of mix have you gone for today?

The style of the mix is deep minimal house. Drenched in dreamy synths, pads and infectious groove.

What’s your favourite part of the mix?

My favourite part of the mix is 16:08 when ‘Fatboy Slim - Love Life (Josh Butler Remix)’ comes in, it’s personally one of my favourite tracks of all time. It has a timeless feel to it.

When & why did you get in to DJing?

I first started DJing in the summer of me going to university in 2017. I didn’t really have much understanding and at most times I’d be playing into headphones because I had no speakers. Moving to Sheffield in September 2017, I was lucky enough to be given my first set by someone who is now a very good friend (Tommy Owen / Euphoria). Tommy continually invited me to play and now does for his night Koluma which is one of my favourites. So I owe a lot to Tommy for my journey! I mainly started DJing through curiosity, I spent a lot of time on dance floors previously and was always intrigued what the dj was doing with the equipment, or watching how they act/dance/perform.

What’s been your top tip for keeping going in lockdown?

My top tip personally would to be active, its no magic trick but it works! I have worked all through COVID, so I am sort of blessed to have had something to occupy me. Also learning to live in the current moment and taking things gradual has helped me rationalise what I am doing day to day.

In terms of occupying myself musically, I have been religiously in the ‘studio’. Ive released 11 or so tracks, and I am awaiting on releases on 7 tracks now. It’s one of them things, producing 1 or 2 hours a day you can’t get a workflow or learn ; so this spare time has given me the opportunity to be doing at least 4 hours a day.

What other sounds/DJs have been on your lockdown playlist over the past few months?

I luckily receive a lot of music, and some artists that really are killing it right now are Jennings, Cedarwood State Trax and Theos. Also big shoutout to all my producer mates who have been killing it recently, but there is way too many to mention! I listen to a lot of downtempo and lo-fi beats away from house and techno, and I’m also mad on the 80’s.

If you only had the choice of one record to listen to throughout lockdown, what would you choose?

Without a doubt ‘Men I Trust - Lauren (Oden & Fatzo Edit)’ , a true masterpiece. It has only just been released but I can genuinely say this is my favourite track of all time I think! A close second, (if allowed) would be ‘Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence’ , for a classic. Has to be on vinyl though!





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