Chilean based DJ from the south of the country, Agustín (CL) joins our GROUNDED mix series this week. Despite being relatively new to the game, his focus on minimal and deep house music has helped him join lineups at different clubs in Santiago. He has shared the booth with talented national DJs like André Butano, Elias Deepman, Kamila Govorcin, UMHO, Kled Baken, among others. We are excited to share his mix with you this week, check it out below!

What style of mix have you gone for?

I wanted to achieve some minimal house vibes, with some groovy tracks and dance floor weapons.

What made you start mixing?

I started mixing about 4 years ago, since from when I started listening to electronic music.

What's your favourite part of the GROUNDED mix you've created for today?

I really enjoyed recording the whole mix, but my favorite part has got to be the closing vibes at the end!

If you could throw a party anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?

Maybe Amsterdam or London, it would definitely be in Europe.

Which other artist are you digging at the moment, and have you been listening to in lockdown?

I'm really liking music from Matpri and Mbius, I've been listening a lot to the both of them lately. As well as Kepler, Sam Haskin, Vitess, T. Jaques, I really love their style. And on the other side I would have to name the dutch rising stars Milion, Kreacher, Mattisou, Lavy, Eli samuel, Artmann, they are making really good music!

Whats your tip top for getting through these past months in lockdown?

Just stay positive, listen to a lot of music and prepare your shoes for the upcoming raves!





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