Harry Goodwins joins us this week, supplying something different to the GROUNDED series with a mix of old Chicago house, funky beats with a 80s/90s vibe to brighten up your day. Harry is no stranger to the creative world, with a career in modelling and acting, and djing being next on the checklist. We caught up with "East London's finest bedroom DJ" to find out more about his love for music & who has been on his lockdown playlist.

What’s your favourite part of the mix that you've recorded for us today?

My favourite part of the mix is probably within the first 20 minutes. But I do love the whole thing, I just wish I’d made it longer

When & why did you get in to djing?

I started djing when i was around 19. I grew up heavily musically influenced, but never learned any instruments and can’t sing so thought I’d give DJing a go. I also love mixing genres

What’s been your top tip for keeping going the past few months?

Just being creative and doing all the things I don’t 'usually' have time for. It kind of feels like being a kid again!

What other sounds/DJs have been on your lockdown playlist?

I have been listening to one boy quite a bit actually, and really loving the new stuff he is making. I know you are familiar with him, Maley

If you only had the choice of only one record to listen to throughout lockdown, what would you choose?

Oooh now that’s a tough one... but I’m going to go with 'Super Bad - James brown'



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