After what feels like a lifetime, the pubs are finally opening this weekend! And to get you in the mood for the weekend antics, Kareem Williams AKA Kayrem is serving up a mixture of minimal and techno beats. Kayrem produces and DJs across all genres, covering House, Trap, Garage, Bassline and Drum and Bass. Coming from the small town of Burton on Trent, this has not stopped him making a name for himself across the UK music scene. Kayrem unique style takes disco, jazz and simple melodies and inserting a 120-128bpm skippy hat beat to create a groovy house twist on songs. He has been featured by BBC Introducing, and has been signed to Sictone Records and Roller Blaster Records this year. Read our mini interview with Kayrem about his love for music, and enjoy his mix!

What style of mix have you gone for? 

It’s different variations of what I make and play but I kept mainly minimal and then in and out of tech and finial into the 130 techno sort of region to finish 

What inspires you to do music? 

Seeing other artist travel the whole of the Uk and world. The reaction of making something good and seeing more people slowly come together to like the sound that’s being produced also from a young age my mum and dad have both inspired me to do music, mum being into disco and dance and my dad being heavily into dancehall, sound systems and Motown, I had the feel for it from a child till now and it’s always been there. 

What’s your favourite part of the mix?

It’d probably be when I got to drop “donnys groove” by Mella Dee, that’s a all time favourite from me and dropping a new track by act on called “selecta” (on LuvRhythm), massively loving the sound him and his team over in Nottingham are pushing. 

What’s your top tip for isolation? 

For anyone that’s been wanting to start producing, this is the best time to download trial softwares and start because it’s the only free time most people have and even though it’s been an awful pandemic it’s also best to use the time wisely and push your inner art and socialise over social media and try and get towards platforms to help boost your creative work.

What’s the first thing you’ll do when we are no longer GROUNDED?


Massively missed being out and seeing the chaps.






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