Netherlands based DJ, Kreech joins us this Monday with an absolute thumper of a mix. Enjoy an hour long mix of deep tech and minimal vibes, with the intention to get people dancing! We spoke with the 19 year old about whats important for him in music and why home is the most honest environment for djing!

What style of mix have you gone for?

I've gone for a chilled vibe in this mix. Most of the time I try and collect as much unreleased fire from different artists and create a heavy hard hitting mix, but this time I thought, why not show everybody what music from beloved artists in this genre really inspires me? So that's what I've done. This mix is made for warm evenings, but also for vibey nights with friends. I just want make people dance!

What made you start mixing?

I've always liked creating and producing music from the age of 9, when I first laid my hands on GarageBand on our old iMac. During high school I met my, till this day, best friend Max, also known as Milion (check him out). He had the same interest in music as I had, and he bought himself a small pioneer, which I also did. I practiced basically everyday, until I thought my skills were good enough. After a while I realised that in my hometown there were some empty spots for DJs (house DJs aren't very common here) so that's where I fitted in. Now I'm looking to perform at some bigger stages, maybe even outside of the Netherlands.

What's your favourite part of your GROUNDED mix?

I think that minutes 15 to 35 display my type of sound the best. Also I like the four moments where I dropped my 4 new unreleased tracks, see if you can find them!

If you could throw a party anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?

This question is a hard one. I've got to go with my own backyard haha! Home always feels the best, and I've never really thrown a party in my backyard… yet. I believe that with the right people and music my backyard would be the ultimate stage for a killer night.





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