For those who aren’t familiar with you, tell us a little bit about yourself Conorr: I'm Conorr Gibbs, 22 year old minimal DJ/producer from hull - currently undergoing a BA hons degree in music production yet somehow seemed to have bagged releases on Rawsome Deep/OVRDOSE deep/Rich got jacked/ Slightly sizzled white label and more under our alias of NotiV (UK). Pretty standard bio really I’m quite boring and just love giving Tyler a bunch of grief about his work attire! Tyler: My name is Tyler O'Neill, 27yrs old, minimal/deep tech Producer/DJ from Birmingham, England. I also run under the alias VITO (UK), I have been producing music for around 2/3 yrs previously started off in the garage scene which has really helped the sound of NotiV (UK) come together with conorr.

What style of mix have you gone for today? Today’s mix is 100% deep underground minimal with a bunch of unreleased music from a few of our friends including our own productions too forthcoming later this year 👀 What’s your favourite part of the mix? 10000% around 18 minutes in with DJOKO’s vinyl release on BERG Audio man that whole EP was just absolutely insane

When & why did you get in to djing? Conorr: I got into this at quite a young age around 15 when I got my first decks the nu Mark mix track pro 2’s, started making basic mashups and posting them on soundcloud then insta rly getting copyrighted and having them removed , after a couple years practice I went on a holiday to Ibiza and bagged a few nights playing inside a bar on the San Antonio strip and after coming back then got picked out for a few residencies in my hometown

Tyler: I got into djing around 5 yrs ago, I always enjoyed going out and seeing my inspirations play live, since my first ever MADE BIRMINGHAM, I knew what I wanted to do and that was become a DJ, I then a year or 2 after that bought myself a controller learnt the basics, sold them and bought some 900nxs the year later, last year I took it upon myself to also get some technics and learn vinyl as my dad has a ridiculous amount of vinyls as he used to love house music in the 90s. Since 2020 began I have gained 3 residencies 2 in my home town aswell as one in hull.

What’s been your top tip for keeping going in lockdown? Conorr: honestly man I’ve spent countless hours with ableton and cracking down on our sound and focusing on bettering the productions we’ve been making aswell as spending quality time with my daughter. I’m a proper daddy me my lil girl has me wrapped round her finger so without her it would’ve been a lot tougher Tyler: To be honest the only tip I've had is to NOT give up on your sound and your craft, if your struggling ask for help or seek the correct websites, since lockdown began i had lessons from Late Replies and the step in change of mine and conorrs sound is significant.

What other sounds/DJs have been on your lockdown playlist over the past few months? Conorr: I highly highly rate our good friend Artmann he’s been killing the scene recently and massively blew up! We have also made some quality friends within our collective from Andhera Records in America to name a couple (Ky William, Ken Kelly, Christian Bistany, James Wyler and many more but I don’t wanna tug strings naming them all Tyler: same as conorr our good friend Artmann has absolutely killed it this year and we can't wait for you to hear his remix of our track with ky William, forthcoming on slightly sizzled white, January.. I also have to put my Midlands mates in this as there constantly grafting and making crazy tracks, Mallin/Tokio, I could be hear for days naming people on my playlist right now can not forget Altered Feast oh my some bombs coming from that way!!

If you only had the choice of one record to listen to throughout lockdown, what would you choose? Conorr: rahhhh that’s a mad question you know man Jesus, I’m biased me I strongly rate old school MK and would put forward 4th Measure Men - “4 you” (MK Remix) Tyler: This is such a hard question, as I have 3 songs in my top tracks of all time but there's one song that took me by surprise and since hearing it i cant help but smile and enjoy the song, I only heard this earlier this year and honestly I could happily listen to it on repeat for days. Altered Feast, Danielle Quinn - Star In The Sky (Original Mix)





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