French based DJ, Ramyen joins our mix series this week. He is keeping the Summer sounds coming with his melodic beats too afrohouse & progressive, to kick off your weekend. He is a member of Indie House Records, home to big names in the French underground music scene, a space for like minded people with a unique flare for music. We caught up with Ramyen to find out about his love for doing and what other artists are on his lockdown playlist.

What style of mix have you gone for?

I've gone for a mix between Afro house and progressive

What made you start mixing?

My passion for big venues, since a very young age (15) I used to go see worldwide djs, mostly in clubs. Also, my uncle is a big author compositor in France, so he inspired me and developed my passion for music from a young age

What's your favourite part of the GROUNDED mix you've created for today?

I love the start of the mix, as the beginning you can hear lots of my own tracks, only one has been released. I also love the last track, named BLM (Black Lives Matters) from Luigi Castaldo because of what a masterpiece it is!

If you could throw a party anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?

It would have to be an outdoors party at Scorpios Mykonos on a Sunday.

Which other artist are you digging at the moment, and have you been listening to in lockdown?

A lot! Mostly people working in the labels I am collaborating with, Pipe & Pochet, Bercana and Switch Lab.

Whats your tip top for getting through these past months in lockdown?

Ableton Live 10!





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