Kicking off this week's GROUNDED mix series is London based DJ, Sam Beck. Last year, Sam co-founded D:ESTA, a party for like minded people, with a love for raving and electronic music. Despite D:ESTA being fairly new to the scene, his hasn’t stopped them having big names on their line ups, such as DeMarzo and selling out each event! D:ESTA is definitely one to look out for and will no doubt be back with a bang in 2021! Listen below to Sam's mix, where he experiments with the minimal sound coming out of the Netherlands that is popular amongst the underground rave scene at the moment.  

What style of mix have you gone for? Style wise it’s mainly deep/minimal tech with quite a lot of vocals, picking the pace up towards the end of the mix. It's got quite a Dutch vibe to it!

What’s your favourite part of the mix?

One of my favourite parts of the mix has got to be the opening track as it’s a remix of an Amy Winehouse track that’s still unreleased!

What inspires you to play music?

Just fuckin love it. Ever since I was very, very young I’ve always been a massive music fan, started with MJ, then house music, and raving is probably one of the things I enjoy most, the energy in places like Ibiza plays a big part, and to be honest that’s where Desta was born.

Tell us more about your event, D:ESTA?

Doing my own party has been something I’ve wanted to do for a while. But after a few big villa parties I threw in Ibiza, it was a big indication that I had to do one back home. Our main focus with the event is the sound and crowd, keeping the party invite only to ensure the crowd are all there for the right reasons and with a good balance of boys and girls. And making sure the music is always 10/10. There’s very few people who wouldn’t want to be at a party where the musics incredible, the crowds controlled and it’s full of like minded people. We had a big year ahead, with 93, Orange Yard, E1 and a members only roof top booked for the summer, which has all unfortunately been put on hold because of Covid, but when normality resumes we’ve got some big things planned!

What’s the first thing you’ll do when we are no longer ‘GROUNDED’?

Desta round 3 is the first thing I’ll do, keep an eye out...





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