We have recently reached our first milestone - 25 GROUNDED mixes! As we continue to release every week, we wanted to reflect on why we launched Grounded and what's next for us to support the music industry.

As we approached lockdown in March, we decided to kick off the GROUNDED mix series. We wanted to provide a platform for DJs to share their music with new listeners at a time where events were non-existent. We also just wanted to give ravers something to get them through their quarantine weeks at home.

What started with one mix a week, naturally became two, as we became inundated with the number of enquiries and the amount of wicked music we were receiving. So far we've had a real variety of mixes ranging from techno, minimal, house, disco and many more.

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1.Jamie Hayhoe | 2.Emily Knight | 3.Demond | 4.Harry Gartell | 5.Jake Stock | 6.TA:BS | 7.Sam Rankin 8.Matt Guy | 9.Ben Kavanagh | 10.Will Collard | 11.Craig Harrison | 12.Rhys The Kid | 13.Louis Knight | 14.Nolan | 15.Lewis Heron & Tony C | 16.George Marshman | 17.Joe Ellis | 18.Jake Jackson | 19. Iggs | 20.Eli Samuel | 21.Elysia | 22.Ryan Wheatley | 23.Elodie | 24.Lewis Clayton | 25.Tate Flowers

The response we've had towards GROUNDED has been incredible, but not surprising. It shows our societal need for music during these difficult times. The UK is home to some of the most popular arenas and clubs in the world, but due to the outbreak, these spaces are now closed.

“Music festivals support 85,000 jobs, but with the entire summer cancelled, many are facing collapse”

Some UK clubs with outdoor spaces are beginning to reopen, but late-night venues and indoor club areas are still in the dark. With ravers having nowhere to party, we are sure to see a rise in illegal raves and street parties, and who can blame them. Lockdown proves difficult in many ways, and not having a form of escape can be hard on an individual and their mental health.

It’s almost impossible to be without music during these times, so our only thought has been how can we let the music continue to play, both safely and responsibly? So we decided GROUNDED was the right move, but this is just the beginning for us. As a brand built on the strong values of music and rave culture, we hope to take our mix series to the next level and begin livestreams with DJs, accompanied by live interviews. This will create a space to talk about music and get to know the DJ behind the mix.

Big shout out to all the DJs who we were part of the 25 mixes, and those who have been featured since. It's been an absolute pleasure collaborating with you all. Also, a big thank you to the listeners that have supported GROUNDED. Let’s continue to roll out the beats and support the industry. 

If you fancy getting involved with GROUNDED, get in touch as we would love to hear from you!